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Wouldn't it be worth $2.00 a month to have a private bathroom on your boat or truck when you need it? No more worrying about an emergency or where your family will go when the need arises. The Bassroom cover is made of high quality heavy duty 190T material. 5 years of service would be less than $2.00 a month to have privacy, shade and a rain shield on your boat, back of a truck or on the ground.


Aptly named “The Bassroom” this ingenious product fills the need for a portable bathroom system in a market that has been overlooked and neglected for years. With privacy concerns and today’s current “eco-friendly” movements, the Bassroom virtually eliminates the possibility of over-exposure from your boat while providing an environmentally safe alternative to lengthy trips back to the loading dock or using the shoreline as a bathroom. Mark Lassagne -
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Don't miss our latest additions to our video section! We've added our complete line of videos to the site where you can see firsthand the numerous options each Bassroom offers not to mention the additional features and ideas for extended usage.


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