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In today's day and age boaters, fishermen, and recreational enthusiasts carry a heavier burden than we have in years gone past. A greater awareness of our fragile waterways and ecosystems as well as the rising prices for our precious commodities have led to many changes in everyone's daily routine and that includes us, as sportsmen and women. Looking forward in regards to these aspects Cover Your Bass has stepped up to the task by leading the way for those who enjoy their time outdoors with limited interuptions and a direct solution. How has this been accomplished?

The Bassroom is a unique, complete portable bathroom system that consists of a privacy cover, toilet, waste bags and storage carrying bags. Our product has been developed with your privacy and a clean water initiative in mind. The Bassroom is an extremely versatile, extremely compact, and environmentally safe option to making continous trips back and forth to shore when a member of your fishing party has an emergency. The Bassroom sets up in seconds for those moments when the need for a bathroom is immediate. Our product can be left on the deck of your boat while you continue to fish if necessary. Nobody really wants to make that mad dash for the nearest boat launch when the urge arises especially when you're on top of a good school of actively feeding fish. Now, with the Bassroom, you don't have to!

Guides, fishermen with physical dependancies, and young children enjoy the privacy and security of a portable, yet private, toilet for their boat. In fact, we have compiled a few product reviews from some of the professionals in todays outdoor world. If you're thinking our product is only used by fishermen then you should have a closer look. We're often reminded by our shoppers of the extended uses that a single purchase of their own Bassroom has created.

We Don't Just Build Them! We Use Them!
Here at Cover Your Bass we stand by our product. As fishermen ourselves we have put the Bassroom through rigorous testing in numerous scenarios and made changes that we felt would enhance the product quality and function long before we released the final version. With front and rear access panels and extremely convenient storage you won't need to make room for this portable boat toilet. Just stow and go and you can have peace of mind without the hassle.

"In 2006 while driving through Tennessee on my way to a Women’s Bassmaster tournament I received a phone call from Matt Smith with Cover Your Bass aka “The BassRoom”. I don’t remember where the tournament was or the time of year, but I remember the phone call as if it was yesterday. Someone had referred me to Matt as a possible promoter for his product. I was fairly new to the world of bass fishing and everything that it entailed regarding sponsors and promoting their products, but after listening to Matt’s sales pitch via the cell phone, I was eager to learn more. Thus began my friendship with the Cover Your Bass family."

"Their product and the need for the product speaks for itself. The convenience of “privacy” is priceless in any situation. The BassRoom will give you years of use for much less than the price of one quality rod or reel. I take it with me on my boat, on camping trips and anywhere I think it might come in handy. It is also great for “tailgating” events."

"My name is Linda Berry aka “Carolina Linda” and I live in Madison, NC. I have been fishing all my life. I started tournament bass fishing in 1990. Over the years I have fished Bass N Gals, the Red Man Tournament Trail, Women’s Bass Fishing Association, the Womens Bassmaster Tour and the NC division of the Bassmaster Weekend Series. I am a member of B.A.S.S. and a lifetime member of FLW. I belong to two bass clubs – Old Salt Bassmasters in Martinsville, Virginia and Twin Rivers Bassmasters in Eden, NC."

"I am also an outdoor instructor. I have made it my mission in recent years to give back to the sport through organizations such as the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts as a mentor to kids. Taking these kids fishing and seeing the smiles on their face when they catch a fish is so rewarding. Even more so is the child who is walking to their car at the end of the event and they turn around and come running back and give me a hug. This lets me know that I did plant the fishing seed in at least one child that day."

"Thank you Matt Smith for believing in me as an angler and a representative of your product since that one phone call in 2006. In addition to Cover Your Bass, my current sponsors include Charlie’s Soap, C B’s Hawg Sauce and Papa Bear’s Lure Company.

We've provided a convenient and secure online shopping area where you can order the Complete Bassroom System or individual components and added waste bags. We also provide the option to make the purchase over the phone for those who have reservations about creating transactions online. We look forward to doing business with you and hopefully someday meet you on the lake.

and use it on the weekends for your family!
THE BASSROOM sets up in seconds on the back of a truck - providing you with a portable bathroom on any construction jobsite. Plumbers, electrians, landscapers, sprinkler system companies, brick masons and concrete paving companies can now have a portable toilet with privacy on the job without the costly expense of porta-potty rentals.


Wouldn't it be worth $2.00 a month to have a private bathroom on your boat or truck when you need it? No more worrying about an emergency or where your family will go when the need arises. The Bassroom cover is made of high quality heavy duty 190T material. 5 years of service would be less than $2.00 a month to have privacy, shade and a rain shield on your boat, back of a truck or on the ground.


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