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Bassroom Consumer Reports

We receive calls, emails, and letters from customers who have purchased the Bassroom and found extended uses for our product. We'd like to share some of those reports to show you the many practical options found here at CoverYourBass.

Childrens Getaway or Play House!
While most of our commentary revolves around the outdoors we find that a portion of customers have purchased the Bassroom for everyday uses like a simple play area for their children. With the Bassroom setting up in just a few minutes it's much less time consuming then setting up a tent or similar structure. Kids love the little hideaway area and you can have peace of mind that there are no harmful poles and stakes that could injure your child.

Portable Pet Shelter!
Going fishing without the family pet is not an option to some of our customers. The Bassroom makes a convenient shade in 60 seconds for pets on boats. Your pet can roam freely because the Bassroom has a door in the front and back.

Cyclist Love It!
Cross country travelers, especially cyclers of both pedal bikes and motorcycles, have commented on the Bassroom's ability to be transported in very little space. With it's quick setup time you can find safety during a sudden rain storm at nearly any roadside area.

Tailgating In Style!
Our product has even worked it's way into the tailgating scene. Reports have begun to filter in that the Bassroom adds that perfect little space of privacy whether it's setup on the ground or the back of pickup truck. Whether it's used for rest, privacy, or it's original design of a portable bathroom, we're happy to hear our customers are creative with their purchase.

Campers And Survivalists!
Hikers, campers, and survivalists have all found our product very complimentary to their methods of tranpsorting a minimum of essentials. With it's lightweight design and extremely compact profile the Bassroom takes the place of a modern bulky tent.

Fishing Guides And Their Clients!
Of course we understand the benefits of a Bassroom in the fishing world but a simple addition like our product boosting a fishing guide's client list? Now that's a welcome report and understandably reasonable when you consider the mixture of genders that may be on the same fishing trip.

Naturalists And Environmentalist!
This is an area that we realized during the development stage and projected that this issue alone would be appealing to many of our visitors. Not everyone fishes, hikes, or camps. Plenty of our customers simply enjoy the relaxing action of boating across their favorite lake or pond. With a conscious mindset of our environment we find a growing number of boaters who purchase our product for two simple reasons of spending more time on the water and doing their part to preserve our waterways and shorelines.

If you have a unique use for our product we'd like to hear from you! Send us an email through our contact page and your creative use of the Bassroom may be published here for others to view.


Wouldn't it be worth $2.00 a month to have a private bathroom on your boat or truck when you need it? No more worrying about an emergency or where your family will go when the need arises. The Bassroom cover is made of high quality heavy duty 190T material. 5 years of service would be less than $2.00 a month to have privacy, shade and a rain shield on your boat, back of a truck or on the ground.


Aptly named “The Bassroom” this ingenious product fills the need for a portable bathroom system in a market that has been overlooked and neglected for years. With privacy concerns and today’s current “eco-friendly” movements, the Bassroom virtually eliminates the possibility of over-exposure from your boat while providing an environmentally safe alternative to lengthy trips back to the loading dock or using the shoreline as a bathroom. Mark Lassagne -
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